We are Volunteer in Cebu. We are a PURELY volunteer organization. Our mission is to bring help and empowerment to children and their teachers, be it their parents who are their first teachers, or their school teachers, or other people have a stake in shaping their future.

We do not have an office and we do not have employees, we are all volunteers and we pay for our own way. All the money that is donated goes to making sure that help gets where its needed, we do our best to keep administrative costs to the bare minimum. We have jobs that sustain us so we can pay for our own way every time we have projects.

Volunteer in Cebu is about spreading cheer and giving hope that despite their present situation, everything will be better because there are people that care and will give/help.

Oprah Winfrey once said “Everyone who has achieved some success in life was able to do so because something or someone served as a beacon of light. What seems to be an endless cycle of generational poverty and despair can be broken if each is willing to be a light to the other. When you learn, teach. When you get, give because love means nothing if you don’t share it.” That is the true spirit of volunteerism.

We are Volunteer in Cebu. And this is our advocacy.



Ask anybody who has ever been to the Philippines, and they will tell you that Filipinos smile a lot. Even at their darkest hours, after immense tragedies, Filipinos will still find a reason to smile.

A traveler to the Philippines once said "Filipinos are the kings and queens of adversity and misfortune... it's just a part of life here... and they smile through it all."

Filipinos are a very resilient lot, they will just carry on without complaint... and this is the spirit that we carry with us through all our efforts. If the people we are helping can smile and laugh through their adversities, then that's the way we should go with our programs.

Volunteering... with a smile!

This video is an example of what we do when we do go out. In 1.5 days alone we were able to accomplish the following:

- Supplied roofing supplies to the Hilantagaan High School
- Distributed School Packets + snacks to over 1000 children of Santa Fe Elementary School
- Spent an afternoon interacting with children, making them laugh, and having art sessions.
- Painted a mural to boost morale
- Gave out relief goods to 300 families in Obo-Ob
- Got the community involved through our Goods for Work Program
- Cleared the remaining storm debris from the school and the surrounding area and cleaned the classrooms

And as you can see from the video, we have FUN volunteering.

School Packets

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” – Nelson Mandela

As an organization, we are BIG believers in the power of education to get people out of poverty. Going to school is the first step, and the Philippine government is providing that. The next step is school supplies. A family of 5 that lives on $150 a month (the average in the areas we are targeting) for food, water, and shelter, will not have enough funds left to buy school supplies for their children.

Our goal is simple. In order for kids to go to school, they need school supplies, yearly. If their parents can't afford to buy for them, we provide it.

These are our past recipients by area:
- Santa Fe, Bantayan Island
- Bateria, Daan Bantayan
- Osmeña Peak, Dalaguete

Happy Teacher = Happy Students Program

There’s a saying that goes “A happy mother, a happy home” and we believe the same applies to teachers. For them to be able to do their job right, they need to be inspired, and to be given the tools to do it. Hence we have assembled Teachers Packets which contain notebooks, record books, a ream of bond paper, assorted pens, assorted markers, regular chalk, colored chalk, a good pair of scissors, a good ruler, a bag…. And as something extra because of the recent storm, several meters of shelter material.

These are our past recipients by area:
- Santa Fe Elementary School
- Santa Fe High School
- Okoy Elementary School
- Hilantagaan Island Elementary School
- Hilantagaan Island High School

Arroz Caldo Feeding Program

Arroz Caldo (an anglicisation of caldo de arroz, literally "rice soup") is a Chinese congee that closely resembles risotto, it has been adapted to the tastes of the Spanish colonial settlers who patronised Chinese restaurants in the Philippines. It consists of rice, meat, vegatables and spices. It fills the stomach and has high nutritional value depending on what you mix into it. Our version of Arroz Caldo contains chicken, spices, and squash/carrots/split peas, and is topped with a slice of hard boiled egg.

One out of every 4 Filipino families are living below the poverty line, conservative estimate is 4.5 million people living in poverty, most not know where their next meal is going to come from, and nutritional value of their meals taking a back seat. Arroz Caldo is our solution to the food problem. We may not be able to feed all of them 365 days a year, but at least we are able to feed some of them something filling and nutritional at least once. Do good whenever you can.

These are our past recipients by area:
- Balidbid, Sta Fe, Bantayan Island
- Cabantan, Mabolo, Cebu City

Relief Packs Program

The worst sin toward our fellow creatures is not to hate them, but to be indifferent to them: that's the essence of inhumanity.” - George Bernard Shaw

These are our past recipients by area:
- Sagbayan, Bohol
- Inabangga, Bohol
- Tubigon, Bohol
- Batasan Island, Bohol
- Balidbid, Sta Fe, Bantayan Island
- Binabag, Bogo
- La Paz, Bogo
- Madridejos, Bantayan Island

100 Santas Project

As children, nothing brought us more joy than waking up on Christmas Day with a present from Santa. The joy that our good deeds for the year was rewarded. Sadly, for most of the Special Education Students, they will never experience this. Special Children in the Philippines do not get as much support as their counter parts in the developed countries - when putting food on the table is a struggle, Christmas takes a back seat.

And so, the 100 Santas Project was born.

The concept is simple. One "Santa" has to buy a personalized gift for 1 child, preferably something that a child will want but never get, such as a toy, new clothes or shoes. We then gather all the gifts from the different "Santas" and our volunteer Santas dress up and deliver them to the children.

This has since evolved into delivering treats such as candies, chocolates and toys to the under-privileged kids, along with a Christmas Tree and singing Christmas Carols. Christmas is the time for spreading cheer, and so spread cheer we will!

These are our past recipients by area:
- Camotes Special Education Center
- Bantayan Special Education Center
- Sta Fe Elementary School
- Okoy Elementary School
- Balidbid Elementary School
- Sta Fe Police Station

Other Projects

We also have several other projects because the opportunity to provide the need was there and we had supplies!

These are some of our other projects:
- Solar Lights Program
- "Work for Goods" Program
- Drive-by Cheer Program
- Orphanage Supplies Donation
- A Mural to Boost Morale

We also help other organizations that are looking for additional volunteers.